Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Walkscapes: Francesco Carerri is in the LRC

Images that interest me

Inspired by my visit

This is an oil painting I completed after my day at the beach. It is an imagined piece 20x30 oil on canvas which was done purely to get the painter in me out of my system.
I have started to think about ways of producing artwork that uses found items at each place I visit and hope the the images I capture will provide inspiration as well as providing a way to document my journey.

Wembury Bay

My first journey out was to Wembury Bay,which is situated at the bottom of a small village approx ten minutes away(by car) from Plymouth.
The bay has a Church above it and woodland in front of it, which used to be the site of a naval gunnery.
A stream runs down to the beach that used to power a Sixteenth century wheat mill.
The mill is now a cafe and gift shop.

Unsure of what I would find or what may inspire me I decided to sit and do a quick sketch of the mill and then explore the beach taking photographs of anything of interest to me.

Thinking through practice

My project is about visiting the coastline, mapping and documenting the places I have visited,whilst recording my thoughts and experiences along the way.
I have chosen initially to visit the places along the South West coastal path from Wembury to Mount Batten, which is on the opposite side of the Barbican in Plymouth.
I hope to respond to directly to each location I visit, allowing each site and situation to influence any artwork I may produce.