Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Jennycliff beach

 I decided to visit Jennycliff beach on a Sunday afternoon with the intention of exploring the area whislt the tide was out, unfortunately I got the times wrong so was limited to just the small beach area you can see in this image.
It was interesting to note the amount of people who were collecting things, such as shells and pebbles, perhaps for some artistic practice.
Beaches are very much a popular destination even in February.
 I noticed that part of the cliff face had collapsed leaving a large amount of slate laying against the rock face and started to think about what I could do with it so as not to have had a wasted journey.
There were so many people on this small area of beach walking dogs, throwing pebbles into the sea and collecting shells and other objects that I decided this corner of the beach would be a good place to work.

Inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy I started to build a cone like structure from the fallen slate.

This structure took approx five hours to build and was a good exercise in careful selection of the slate pieces as I started to build up the structure, also a valuable lesson in developing patience!

I returned to the site one week later to discover the structure had collapsed, perhaps by the wind and tides or by the arts appreciation society.( I jest but if that was the case at least the work would have encouraged some human interaction)

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