Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Learn to relax

Visit to Heybrook Bay.
Lacking inspiration I decided to try my hand at rock balancing.
Below is one example of trying to get to grips with this very relaxing and fun activity creating curious structures.
Warning a great deal of patience required!!
I must have suffered fifty failed attempts at this before finally after, almost giving up, success!!
My eagerness and my inability to be still were my obstacles. After some time my surroundings seemed to disappear  as my body slowed and my mind quietend down to focus purely on the stones. The weight of the stone in my hand, the fragile relationship between them, my hands able to sense the slightest transference in weight which would inturn tip the balance and result in yet another failure.Finally, hardly breathing, I stepped back and slowly moved away. My next thought ...............
Where is my Bloody camera?

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