Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Mount batten to Wembury

This walk started from my home with a mile walk to the Barbican and a water taxi to take me to Mount Batten. My plan was to walk from Mount batten to Wembury along the South West coast path. Along the way I looked for opportunities to explore the area off the beaten track and to collect materials with a view to making simple pieces of art
.This video shows my trip on the water taxi.

This video shows a snapshot of my walk which was approx seven miles long. (not edited very well sorry I will re-post asap)
I looked for opportunities to go off the beaten track but after falling several times I decided that staying in track was a much safer option.
As I began to walk from From Mount Batten, up over the hill towards Jennycliff, I started to think about what I might find along the way, Where my walk would take me, what places of interest I might stop at and when to call it a day.
Just a bunch of words........
Excited, hot, windswept, out of breath, heavy, sights, people, muddy, slippery, eye watering, dry, calm, warm, steps , paths, water, waves, rocks, nature calling, thirsty, cold, quiet, branches, trees, grass, dead pheasant, beach, ships, the breakwater, falling, seagulls, wet, sun shine, clouds, hunger, rest, cave, make,camera, kestrel, thorns, sheep, signs, stream, reeds, bridge, cafe, cars, chalets, fence, walls, radio beacon, sand, pebbles, surfer, tired, dead rabbit, fields, horses, barns, sunset, moonlight, beautiful, carpark, wife, home, shower, food, reflection.

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