Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Group presentation notes BAS7

Think about why you chose the subject of BAS7
Discuss initial thoughts around Karla Blacks piece and why we rejected it...to opinionated about the subject.
Discuss our decision  to talk about David Noonans work...Tapestry

Look at three aspects
the artist.......Paul
the piece......Ryan
positioning within the theme of the show...Tess
Bear in mind that we only have 10 mins in which to present.

Method of presentation...Powerpoint with each member presenting their own research.

My part
David Noonan was born in 1969 in Australia, but lives and works in the UK
His major works are in paint/screen print/installations, he is also a filmaker and a set designer.
He has exhibited his work in several countries as well as in the UK.
He produces his screen prints by making a collage using found imagery sourced from film strips, books, magazines and archive photos.
These are then photographed to form one main image.
His prints are mainly Monochrome/beige.
He builds up his prints by layering process using translucent paint, often painting abstract images over figurative to create mysticism in his work.
His finished images are remaniscent of cinematic images of the 1950s.

Comment by the artist...'The idea of collage is central to my work, I take images from different origins and time zones and bring them together to create new narratives'.

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