Tuesday, 13 March 2012

lecture notes place

Almost everything has a element of: place,location, place in time, social space.
Artists are now playing with spacial concepts

Space vs place:

Space....territory, distance between things,emptiness.
Space has a rythmn that changes at different times of the day.

Place...A configuring of positions e.g think about what elements make up a village,
church, pub,cottage etc
Village identity...everything in its place.
Maps of places
Tourist gaze...seeing the expected.


Agraphobia...fear of open space
Claustrophobia...fear of confined space
Dormatophobia...fear of houses
Ecophobia...fear of surroundings
Kenophobia...fear of empty rooms

Topophillia...love of place/attachment to place

Narratives...an attachment to place
Aboriginal paintings used as maps and to tell stories of ancestors

Every place has its own unique qualities.

Non places...places of transience that do not hold enough significance to be regarded as place.
eg foyer in airport
Non places generate solitude instead of relationships

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